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Data Center

Our Data Center solutions play a critical role in supporting businesses, ensuring continuity, and enabling digital services worldwide. Additionally, data centers have evolved significantly over time, adapting to the growing complexity of IT operations. A modern sustainable approach to data center architecture must include planning for efficiencies with both power and cooling, while also making sure that on premises data center, edge, colocation, or hyper scaler resources are included to optimize every workload.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Maintaining robust backup and disaster recovery strategies is essential for business resilience and minimizing disruptions in data center operations.

  • Minimized Downtime
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Business Continuity
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Compliance Adherence
  • Reputation Preservation
  • Financial Loss Reduction
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Compute and Storage

The right data storage system allows businesses to save and retrieve data seamlessly across different computer platforms. It serves as a central repository for business data, offering common data management, security, and sharing functionalities. An ideal enterprise storage system can handle hundreds of terabytes of data and accommodate a large number of users without relying on excessive cabling or additional subsystems.

All Lines can help you create the efficient environment to run your business. We can do proof of concepts with any manufacturer or technology to make the best decision for your users and your business. Your storage and compute are essential components that enable your business to manage and process data effectively while ensuring reliability, scalability, and security.

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Private/Hybrid Cloud

Cloud technology is one of the most significant shifts your company will face, offering agility, scale, and favorable economics. But the integration of private clouds, public clouds, and legacy IT environments can be daunting. All Lines Technology’s Cloud Services can help you find the right mix of hybrid cloud and private cloud that can turn your organization into a valuable change agent for innovation and growth. No matter where you are in your journey to hybrid cloud, our cloud consultants can help you map out your next steps. From determining what workloads should live where, to managing costs, our experts can help you optimize your operations.


Software Defined Data Center

A data center where all infrastructure has been virtualized and infrastructure management is entirely controlled within software. This separation of management and physical infrastructure allows the data center to become exponentially more nimble than the traditional approach. The foundation of SDDC relies on virtualization at all tiers, including server virtualization, storage virtualization, and network virtualization. This approach enables business agility in a more efficient and secure manner, and allows IT organizations to shift resources from day-to-day operations to driving digital transformation for the business. All Lines can help you plan, implement, and manage your Software Defined Data Center.

All Lines can assess and help you choose the right path for your business!