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Network Security Consulting & Auditing
Columbus, OH

Proudly helping organizations of all sizes in Columbus protect their data networks

All Lines Technology is your trusted local network security consulting and auditing services firm in the Columbus, OH area. We understand that cyber threats keep evolving in a manner that static tech cannot keep up with. And that siloed solutions only fragment your defenses. We, therefore, deploy intelligence and precision to stop unknown threats. Our skilled network security consultants audit your digital systems to identify security weaknesses and devise mitigation measures to boost your cybersecurity. Contact us today to speak to a network security consultant.

Protect Your Business with All Lines Technology’s Expertise

As a modern business, you probably use multiple data networks to serve customers online, conduct business, and access the internet. Yours could be a local area network (LAN), metro area network (MAN,) or wide-area network (WAN) if you’ve offices across different regions. 

Unfortunately, networks can become vulnerable to malign behaviors and cyberattacks. The resulting security breaches, attacks, and other risks can lead to a substantial loss for your business. Be it: 

  • Loss of data  
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Productivity stoppage
  • Direct financial theft, etc.  

Hence the need for network security auditing experts to keep your systems running smoothly and safely.

As network security consultants, we can help prevent:

  • Accidental damage to your system’s proprietary data, devices, or users 
  • Malicious use of proprietary data or devices

Ours is to ensure your network security:

  • Keeps your data safe and intact
  • Allows only authorized users to access your network and information
  • Prevents network attacks, breaches, or infections – further avoiding business loss and disruption.

By taking a preventive approach, we get your network’s guard up before a breach takes place. Think of us as network security “doctors” committed to shielding your business against hackers, mitigating malware and virus attacks, and curing your network security dangers. Learn more about our network security consulting and auditing services here. 

Get the Connectivity You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition

If you’re not 100% confident in your ability to mitigate IT risks or your network security posture, talk to us. Ours is to help you build a cyber-resilient business by teaching you: i. how to protect your organization in cyberspace and ii. recover quickly from a cyber threat.

We offer the following services: 

What’s in It for Your Business

We ensure your organization has a consolidated data network with comprehensive security protection against different cyber issues. We deploy varying security measures – anti-virus, firewall, DNS, anti-spam, wireless security, etc. – as per your organization’s needs.

Our innovative, end-to-end network security response architecture leverages dark web data detection and advanced technologies to deliver fast and accurate security insights, as well as a response across users, cloud, network, and endpoints.

As a result, we:

Unearth security vulnerabilities in advance

Our complete network audit helps uncover the system’s vulnerabilities in advance. It could be a virus infection, security device glitches, or access policy gaps. In turn, we resolve and mitigate the said weaknesses, preventing potential data breaches and associated damages. Fixing the security holes also helps restore your system to optimal performance. 

Help reduce IT workload

Hiring a third-party IT MSP provider helps free your internal team to focus on core business activities. That’s as opposed to being overwhelmed with security audits, incidents, and breaches.

Our expert network security consultants do the heavy lifting, checking your computer system regularly. We also report any identified issues, recommend remedies – or fix the problems if needed.  

Protect your business, employees, and customers

By ensuring a safe business environment and all-round digital protection, we see to it that your:

  • Proprietary information remains safe and intact
  • IT system is secure from potential cyber-threats
  • Employees can surf the web safely
  • Consequently, building confidence with customers, who gain increased trust in your security and reliability 

All Lines Technology Differentiators

  • Our American-based support team comprises IT engineers as opposed to customer reps. As such, you communicate to an expert right away – reducing your business downtime.
  • You can employ our network security consulting services on a full-service or as-needed basis.
  • We leverage a next-generation firewall equipped with advanced countermeasures and deep packet inspection features to protect your network from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • We base our network security audits on industry-accepted standards like CoBIT and BS7799. We also factor in legal requirements specific to your industry.
  • Our auditing process covers people, technologies, processes, and other security aspects.

Boost Your Cybersecurity with Reliable Network Security Consulting and Auditing Services

Our expert network security auditors help businesses of all sizes identify vulnerabilities in their network system. We also assess associated business risk and devise corrective programs that fit your business environment. The said security and governance programs help you prepare for and recover from cyber breaches with ease. Contact us to learn more about our network security consulting and auditing services.