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Structured Cabling
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Structured Cabling

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All Lines Technology is your trusted local structured cabling services provider in the Butler, PA area. With our expertise in all kinds of data cabling and network wiring projects, you will enjoy enhanced communication capabilities that suit a modern business ecosystem. Contact us today to speak to a structured cabling consultant.

In a technologically-powered business ecosystem, to reach the next stage, you need to invest in the appropriate technologies. But as you do this, you may find that speeds don’t match your infrastructural capabilities.

In addition, you’re likely experiencing the following challenges as well:

  • Increasing cable management issues in your data center
  • Tracing cables from one piece of equipment to another is becoming more challenging
  • Cables seem to be everywhere, blocking airflow and congesting pathways

If that’s the case, you need to upgrade to a cabling solution that can support your needs. This is because point-to-point cabling infrastructure is complex to manage. This is why companies are now are turning to structured cabling to support their advancing technological needs.

What Is Structured Cabling?

Structured cabling refers to building or campus telecommunications infrastructure that consists of several smaller standardized elements. It is designed to support rapidly advancing technological needs in the workplace.

Structured Cabling Services

In modern business environments, structured cabling is the backbone of communications systems. At All Lines Technology, we understand the complexity of planning, installing, and maintaining network communication systems. It is for this reason that we offer data cabling services.

Instead of dealing with the issues that come with a sub-par communication system, your team will be free to focus on core business functions.

Our network wiring services cover the following key areas:

Infrastructure Design and Consulting

  • Structured cabling system design
  • Planning budgeting, and engineering review
  • BICSI/RCDD expertise
  • Determination and preparation of the structured cabling specifications
  • Development of cable management database
  • Construction plan review for EIA/TIA standard compliance

Benefits of Structured Cabling Services

With the efficiency of communication in organizations, there is no room for compromise. It needs to be efficient and reliable. With our network wiring services, you will gain a comprehensive and well-organized telecommunication infrastructure.

With this, your company will be able to effectively transmit information, alarm, video, and other signals with ease. Along with this, you’ll enjoy numerous benefits. These include:

Easy Management

Aside from functionality and reliability, the one thing you’ll enjoy most with structured cabling is organization. Once the cabling is complete, your IT team will have an easy time managing and maintaining the network.

Less Downtime

Along with the mess that comes with traditional cabling, it also experiences frequent downtime. When this happens, operations will be affected, translating to lost revenues.

However, with structured cabling, you don’t have to worry about this. Our team of experienced engineers will design and implement a solution that gives you maximum uptime.

Cost Savings

With structured cabling, you’ll make routine changes and additions to the network. However, that’s about it. Once the network is in place, your company will profit from it for years.


With agility increasingly becoming an essential part of modern businesses, you’ll surely enjoy structured cabling. Since it can support very high and accurate bandwidths, it can accommodate all your communication needs. Moreover, it’s adaptable, ensuring that your changing needs will be sufficiently cared for.

An Investment for the Future

One of the biggest drawbacks of traditional cabling is that it can only serve the communication needs they’re designed for. Therefore, as your needs increase, you’ll have to adjust it accordingly.

On the other hand, structured cabling is adaptable and flexible. This makes it an ideal investment for the future as it will easily accommodate increasing needs without adding a cost burden.

Why Choose All Lines Technology

There are many structured cabling service providers out there, but it’s not always easy to find one that can adequately meet your needs. When you entrust your data cabling project to us, you’ll be assured of:


We’ve been providing clients with efficient and reliable cabling solutions for many years. We’ve watched the sector evolve and, understand how to adapt and deliver the most up to date solutions. We only hire the best technicians to handle network wiring projects, and by combining their expertise and our industry experience, you can be sure all your cabling needs will be met.

Customer Service

We understand that it’s not easy to let anyone into your company. More so, allow them to have close contact with your network and communication systems.  With us, it’ll be just like having a colleague beside you. Along with expertise and professionalism, we make it a point to deliver the best customer experience. As such, you’ll be met with a highly proficient and respectful team. 

Trust your structured cabling project to us. All Lines Technology offers data cabling and network wiring solutions to cater to your needs. Get in touch with us today!